Zan Media

Our production company is Zan Media, named after the first initial of the three Scioli siblings, Zack, Alex and Niki.


Christine Scioli is the writer and producer of A Cocktail Orange. She’s has been in the film business for the past 37 years and enjoys a wine cocktail with her last task of the working day. She began this habit after producing the aforementioned three Scioli siblings.


Don Scioli is the ultimate multi-tasker, shooting, directing and editing this documentary. A native of Philadelphia, he received his MA from the prestigious USC Cinema School where he acquired a taste for the California margarita. Sometimes he  just sips the tequila straight.


Niki Scioli is the Associate Producer at Zan and for this movie. She is also is our gatekeeper, trouble shooter, location scout, content wrangler, social media maven and a few other things. She has a wine business degree and is an expert bartender. Her taste in cocktails is a varied as her talents.